Mulligan's Concept Pleasantville, Bronx & Yonkers, NY

Mulligan’s Concept

Mobilization with movement is a manual therapy approach utilized by health care practitioners specializing in the care of the patient with musculoskeletal pain. Physiotherapists, physical therapists, and other clinicians trained in the Mulligan Concept can assist individuals in improving movement restrictions, pain with movement, and functional restrictions. Mulligan practitioners seek to improve patient’s movement with the application of pain-free hands-on techniques. Both the clinician and the patient can quickly assess the value of this approach. If the technique(s) are indicated an immediate improvement in pain and movement will be observed.

The Mulligan Concept is not a passive treatment approach and many individuals benefit from self-treatment at home.

Common Indications for this approach:

  • Pain of a non-inflammatory nature
  • Acute pain from injury
  • Loss of motion due to arthritic conditions
  • Post-surgical conditions causing loss of pain-free movement, e.g. post scope conditions, spinal surgery
  • Headaches due to neck problems
  • Dizziness associated with neck problems
  • Jaw or TMJ pain and movement restrictions
  • Acute to chronic ankle sprains
  • “Tennis elbow” or lateral elbow pain

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