Jules M

I was diagnosed with TMJ and have been to numerous doctors whom treated me like a number and didn’t take me seriously. Before meeting Dr. Kart I wasn’t too optimistic or hopeful about my situation and realized this could be one of the last resorts to help relieve the symptoms of TMJ. Dr. Kart was very professional and kind. He understood what I was going through and treated me like a person; not a number. His team was very nice and worked relentlessly to help me heal. They would always end my session with a chai tea 🙂 . I started feeling better and would actually look forward to going to therapy. Each session completed was very informative and gave me more hope. Therapy with Dr. Kart and his team has made me feel more of a human being again and less of a walking diagnosis. This diagnosis has consumed my life and caused a lot of aggravation and pain. I can’t put into words how much Dr. Kart has helped me, I am very grateful. I would recommend anyone that needs physical therapy to go see Dr. Kart, you won’t be let down!